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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the map. we have drawn the map. they only split 13 counties. they only split 12 precincts. steve: david lewis was among those who helped draw the map center took the most fire for it on the floor. they used voting date of this time to essentially ensure republican wins. >> the map and guarantees the election of 10 republicans and three democrats. steve: lewis was unapologetic. is better than electing so, i drew this map in a way to foster what i think is better
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steve: --jon: lewis says that it does not factor in race at all. >> it is constitutional. >> race could not be the driving factor, which we all knew it was. jon: but because race and politics can and do overlap, critics say it is still unfair to minority voters. >> they have gone too far if they do not consider race at all. the new maps have marginalized minority voters and undermined the intent of the voting rights act. jon: and important to note, along with the new maps, and new congressional primary day has been set for june. and the u.s. supreme court can undo all of this if they way end before march 14.
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that word from washington from the supreme court. it could, at any time. thanks, jon camp, from the legislative building. tisha: tonight is the last tonight to register for the primary. what has changed -- some of these people may no longer represent you on capitol hill. andrea blanford is live in downtown raleigh. andrea? andrea: no matter what in sup happening, we all want to ensure our voices are heard, -- what ends up happening, we all want to ensure our voices are heard, and the only way to do that is to fill out our ballot on march 14. the messy process every drawing a primary map has led lawmakers to a clear conclusion. >> we are again embarking on an exercise that will further confuse the voters.
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reason why republicans have appealed to the u.s. supreme court trying to delay the changes. new maps and a new congressional primary date are set, but that does not mean chief justice john roberts can't still step in and put a hold on all of it. what does this mean for you? >> the most important thing is we are going to have a march 15 primary and we want those people to vote the entire ballot. andrea: the state is encouraging all voters to turn out on march 15, and still vote -- knowing may get passed out. be counted. would count. andrea: if roberts did not issue
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would immediately generate new primary maps and voters would have to vote again on june 7. if we get to that point and we do have to vote on june 7, the state board of elections will update its website on march 16 with all of that information about the district changes, the candidate changes, so you will be informed of that on the state or to the elections website. they also eliminated second primaries, meaning we will not be voting in any runoffs. it is important to cast the entire full ballot march 14. eyewitness news. steve: andrea, thank you. also a plea deal at the state fair. macaroni was the owner of the
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fair that started up unexpectedly in 2014 without people being buckled end. this is video of the accident as it was happening. it was revealed an operator disabled a key safety mechanism. he maintains his innocence, while pleading guilty because there is enough evidence to potentially find him guilty. he will spend 30 days in jail and pay a $22,000 fine. tisha: the dot budget is $40 million for emergency weather response. we checked in with the department, a spokesman telling us that they are after -- they are over that amount. nearly $42 million has been spent. they are dipping into emergency funds and after that they will go into the maintenance fund. and a makeup day for students in wake county.
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will head to's school tomorrow to make up for monday's snow day. other students will have to make it up on april 26. steve: the police union will be voting next week to consider boycotting working security at beyonce's upcoming concert. she is taking a lot of heat from critics upset by hearse a loot the black panthers during the super bowl halftime -- upset by her salute to the black panthers during the super bowl halftime show. it would be off-duty work for those raleigh police officers, something they sign up for. rick armstrong tells us there is been a lot of discussion about not working security for cleanqueen bey. they want to send a message to beyonce to work with police.
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among those paying respects to justice antonin scalia. he visited the great hall of the supreme court to pay's respects. scalia died suddenly saturday morning at a west texas hunting resort. steve: a health alert tonight. the zika virus front and center right here in north carolina. tisha: the state health department says a north carolinian has been diagnosed with the virus read the message doctors are sending tonight. steve: and what one "sports illustrated" writer is saying about our airport. that's coming up. but first, chris is getting the weekend started for us. a chance of rain on sunday? chris: a small chance. and it's not as chilly as last evening.
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we will fall into the 40's, maybe 30's by sunrise. we will talk about a good shot of rain down the road in your first alert forecast. tisha: thank you, chris. and you can watch "the wonderful
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right here on abc 1tisha: it is no surprise to
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now have the first case of the zika virus in north carolina. steve: that is because there always travelers coming and going to the state. ed crump is live in raleigh. it does not; officials are very concerned about this. ed, no, steve, and that's because despite all of the hoopla, the zika virus is not that dangerous unless you are pregnant. the zika virus is a reportable disease in north carolina and will help officials will not reveal who or where that person is, they will reveal that the person was traveling outside the country. >> they were symptomatically of a went to their doctor, and the test was referred to us. ed: so how many -- 80% of those
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know they have it and the symptoms are generally not life-threatening. the most serious risk is birth defects. that is why women who are pregnant or plan to get pregnant are told to stay out of i risk countries. others are being cautioned, too. >> we want to get the word out to people planning to travel to take appropriate caution. ed: we do not have the species that are the primary vectors of zika virus, because that insect does not exist here. it is unlikely we will have any mosquito prone -- mosquito borne transmission in this state. ed: there is limited evidence that zika might be transmitted through sexual contact. but the test to confirm zika in our state had to be done through
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place here soon so they can do the testing right here in. there's a ton of information on this on steve: a lot of people going to our website to learn more. ed crump, thank you. rdu may not be the biggest airport, but in one person's eyes, it is the very best. tisha: "a sports illustrated" writer says rdu is among the best airports in america. steve: the i-40 construction zone, things are moving slowly tonight. here is a look at saunders street. here you can see the westbound travel. eastbound to your right. let's look at the 440 split. look at that.
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people are hitting the brakessteve: new at 6:00 tonight, the rdu airport getting props from "sports illustrated" tonight. brian hamilton puts it in the top spot of the best airports he can remember flying two. hamilton writes that renovations turned rdu into a bright, sharp place to hunker down. he adds that you can get home, through security, to the shops in about 20 minutes. depending on where you live in the area, of course. and you do not have to fly out of town this weekend. it's going to be beautiful right here at home.
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chris: it may not be as sunny as today, but temperatures really taking off tomorrow and sunday, too. some spots getting at or above -- potentially. the hurricanes in play, taking on the sharks. it will be cool, but not nearly as chilly. you will need a jacket. that's about it. it looks to be a very pleasant evening. there is a look at north hills. temperatures are right around 50 degrees at the moment. it will not be as cold tonight. humidity is at 36%. a south wind at 10. 40's, roxboro to oxford. 48, rocky mount-wilson. 48 southern pines. lower 50's around fayetteville. cool today, but not that far away, look at the 60's, as far
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kansas city. minneapolis, what he above normal for them. and this warm air is about to jump over the mountains and you will see that tomorrow. there's a look at our radar and satellite ensures -- pictures. cold and trustee. there are clouds to the west. a lot of clouds, high-level clouds overhead. still really nice. tonight, not as gold. mid-to-upper 30's. 40's in fayetteville. not as chilly. and you may need a jacket to start out, 30's at 7 a.m., up to 56 i 11:00. we will be warmer by noon tomorrow than we were all day today. notice there will be clouds around.
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sunny -- maybe a patch or two of fog in the morning. and then we get into sunday, warmer still. this will spread rain into our mountains back into northern tennessee. it will not be until late in the evening or the very early morning hours -- we will not see a soaking rain. just enjoy the warm temperatures getting into the 60's to near 70. highs tomorrow near 70. at raleigh and durham, 65 and 64. high clouds around, but that's about it. southwest wind at 10. a little breezy at times. roxboro to lewisburg. low 60's. got that warm up.
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monday, there may be a spot or two of rain. better shot of rain monday night into tuesday and then later wednesday and wednesday night. we will fine-tune that timing and the amount. it will dry out by thursday and friday and temperatures are pretty close to average next week, upper 40's, low 50's, no more 60's for a while. we will make the most of this while it is around. tisha: the coming week does not look good. steve: the tar heels trying to shake off that duke game, looking ahead to miami. mark: coming up next in sports
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basketball and>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: the won't is undoubtedly fresh at carolina after the loss to duke. but they have an more important game versus miami. page knows what's up. >> i mean, it may be the biggest game of the year for us.
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mark: sure and sweet. the good news for matt jones, there is no bad news for his ankle, but it's spring badly enough to will not be able to play tomorrow. that means loop canard -- luke canard is in the starting lineup. he played brilliantly for the heels including a late go-ahead three-pointer. it has been a rough season for danny manning and the deacs. devin thomas, the leading scorer , has been suspended for two games for violating athletic department policy. the deacs have lost 11 straight. and college baseball season is upon us. the blue devils are at home in durham. n.c. state kicking off in myrtle beach.
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pack this year, ranked 10th in the country in the preseason. >> this year, people think we have a shot to be re us a window into this year, knowing we can beat those guys. mark: alas, the wolfpack fell 5-0 two old dominion. how about duke? cal bailey. impressive. one of the top arms in college baseball. short with the nice snag right there, and a good throw to get the out at first and just in time he mows down -- preston grand prix.
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it was, however, 3-2 in the seventh. and wayne beeman's is back, bringing boxing back. he has his sights set on a belt. his reputation as a ko machine is making it hard to find fights. >> you go to other cities or states, they say, do not fight wayne beeman. i must be making an effect on people. mark: top-flight walking promotion needs a top-flight ring announcement, so yes, i will be on the mic for the evening. that means i need a signature catchphrase. i've got a week to come up with it. if you say "let's get ready to
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so i got to come up with something else. steve: hometown crowd. mark, thanks. tisha: eyewitness news continues on, the abc 11 mobile app, facebook, and twitter. steve: world news is coming up next. we will get you ready for
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tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one passenger trapped. and the dramatic fire whorls, the whipping winds in chicago. >> your money tonight, are you passing up free money?


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